Launched as Theological Opportunities Program at Harvard Divinity School in 1973, WomenExplore became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2003.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund makes up the difference between operational (principally printing, mailing, website and Zoom) expenses and WE's receipts, but thanks to the work of our stalwart volunteers and the cost reductions in going from in-person to on-line meetings, WomenExplore is able to operate this series without asking for donations. We invite you to give generously of your time and to encourage your friends and relatives to join you as active members of WomenExplore's Advisory Committee and attend this series to plan WE's 2023 celebrations.

If you have attended any WomenExplore sessions, you know what a wonderful community exists to support women of all walks of life, wherever they find themselves intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We ask you to support WomenExplore in its mission to provide this stimulating yet safe environment for women to examine new perspectives and find their voices. Many women have found the inspiration and courage to make significant changes in their lives and careers, and in some cases, significantly in the lives of others, from the knowledge and support they discovered in this community.

Our speakers generously donate their time and expertise, and a dedicated cadre of volunteers donates services to WE operations. Just contact us to find out what you can do!